Privacy Policy

Befanned!, LLC website data use and privacy disclosure - Revised April 23, 2018

This information pertains to website domains owned and operated by the company including befanned.com.

1. We host our websites on a private network within a publicly offered webosting service solution. This website is hosted on services of Godaddy, LLC.

2. We use Amazon S3 Cloud hosting for 'buckets' of data storage. This data is limited to uploaded photos only.

3. We utilize 3rd party printing services to forfillment of customer orders. The data shared with these 3rd party solution include the information data needed only to process and deliver the order.

4. No payment information is ever stored on our servers nor shared with any 3rd party services.

5. To increase the security of our webpages and the safety of our users, we do not use 3rd party advertising solutions or website data analytics.

6. Your member data is not shared, leased or sold except as defined in line 3.

7. You may change, add and remove your data from befanned.com at any time. Once data is removed by a user it becomes perminently removed and non-recoverable.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us: privacy@befanned.com